please feel free to visit the homepage of the German division of the Confusius
Organisation. Here we are featuring some aspects of the relations between the Asian
"detour" and the European "access". Since I am German, my first step is to put up the
German part. And I do not see any end of this.
Today I do not know whether I will have time to give a German translation. I think, it
doesn`t make any sense. The better way is to start an own division for the English and
American people to focus this interesting intercultural topic.
If there is more interest in literature: "Detour and Access" is a book written by the
French sinologist Francois Jullien, and it is translated in English - and in German, too.
Relation is substance, detour is access.


Was ist das?

Wessen ist das?

Wem nützt das?

Was macht das?